Apr 15,2012

IGN: Vincent Kartheiser talks Mad Men & Alison Brie

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Check out this recent interview Vincent Kartheiser did with IGN about Mad Men. He talks about Pete and Trudy & Alison. The mentions related to Alison are below:

IGN: When Season 4 ended, things with Trudy seemed to be better. They had a new daughter. There wasn’t quite as much turbulence going on. Do you think he’s a little more secure in his life right now?

Kartheiser: Well that’s the funny thing about security because I think we all have these ideas about our career and about our lives, and we’re like, “Okay, well, if I just had a wife and house, then I would be secure and I wouldn’t be so emotionally insecure anymore.” When the truth is, once you have the wife and the house you’re actually more emotionally insecure. You go, “Oh, once I get to a place in my career, when I can finally relax and I’ll have some money in the bank and I won’t be so nervous.” No, that’s actually when the stress gets really high and you have to start being accountable and responsible for other people and you’re responsible for an entire company sometimes. In the case of Pete Campbell, he’s a partner in this company. He has a stock in the company. So now there’s an added pressure. It’s actually kind of the opposite. He might seem more sure of himself, but he needs to show people he’s more sure of himself. And he might seem more in control, but being in control doesn’t mean that you’re not pulling your fucking hair out. It’s like life. It’s really f**king complicated. I know in my own success, which is pretty much entirely based on Mad Men, that it is quite different than what you think it will be.

IGN: I’ve spoken to Alison Brie before about Trudy, and she said she thinks there’s a hint of a Lady Macbeth to that character. Do you think that’s true?

Kartheiser: Sure. Leave it to Ali Brie to bring Shakespeare into it. I think she’s wonderful. I’m not going to comment on any analogies to Shakespearean in work. I’ve learned my lessons well! [Laughs] But yeah, I love doing the scenes with her, not only because she’s a wonderful actress, but because when you’ve spent a lot of time in character — not that I’m in character — but when you spend a lot of time working on characters you kind of feel specific ways due to how the character feels. So if you’re doing a scene with someone you’re scared of — even if you’re not very scared — there’s going to be moments where you’re living in that emotional space so much that you’re still doing it. Even though you’re not really scared, you’re making yourself scared, and you’re body doesn’t really know the difference. It can be emotionally draining. Doing scenes with Trudy, who’s Pete’s wife, he feels comfortable with her and is someone he can fart in front of, to be obvious about it. Someone you don’t have to hide your childish insecurities around. Likewise, Vincent Kartheiser gets a break because I can also just snuggle into the warm, soft arms of the Jewish Macbeth and sail away to peaceful, calm waters.

IGN: Meanwhile, I’m hoping that you’ll say there’s at least a possibility of Pete and Trudy dancing again in the future.

Kartheiser: It’s funny, that dancing. I was already taking dancing classes, so when they told me I was going to dance I said, “Hey, can we use my dance instructor?” And they go, “Sure.” So I went to my dance instructor and I told him what I was going to do. He showed me the dance, and I went every day and practiced at his studio — usually not even with him. Everybody else would be waltzing, and I’d be in the back trying to work out the Charleston. So a week before the shoot, Ali had been doing Community, she had been busy. She couldn’t come to the earlier things, and she was like, “Okay, I’m going to come to your dance thing,” like, five days before we shoot. I had been working on this for three weeks. And within 20 minutes, she was doing it ten times better than me. My teacher was like, “Watch how Ali –” and I was like, “NO! I’m not going to watch how she does it! Aaah!” She’s very multitalented, that girl. She’s a quick learner, and she’s got a big career ahead of her I think.

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