Apr 24,2012

TVline: Vincent Kartheiser talks Mad Men

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Check out Vincent Kartheiser’s recent interview with TVLine about Mad Men. He talks about Pete and Trudy:

TVLINE | I dug out this quote from an interview we did during Season 1, where I had asked if Pete loved his wife. You said “The simple answer is yes, but the more difficult question is why.” I guess that’s in keeping with what you said about “getting everything you want”….
Absolutely. Trudy’s been really great for him, and he continues to kind of not be satisfied with that. But I think anyone who’s been married or in a relationship for more than five years realizes that that’s when the real work begins. He’s still relatively a young man, although he’s passing into middle age now, and he wants more than just “steady and secure”; he wants to feel alive and important and wanted. And you can’t really get that from someone you’ve had sex with a thousand times.

TVLINE | Right, what did he have the prostitute call him — “My King” or something?
Yeah — and he wasn’t really even satisfied with that. He was like, “OK. That’ll do.”

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