May 16,2012

Ask Ausiello: Community Scoop

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Question: Major importante pregunta! Is Community‘s 13-episode order final? Or is there room for a back nine? Inquiring minds need to know. Also, let’s all wish a happy 19th birthday to me. —Quincy
Ausiello: I’ll wish you a happy 19th, but as for the rest of us all? Wait, I can picture them nodding. They’re doing it. OK, so happy 19th then, from all of us. As to your question, no, the 13-ep order is not final, so there’s a chance that the show could get a back-nine pickup (albeit a slim chance). Oh, and since I didn’t get you anything for your b-day, allow me to offer you some scoop: As previously reported, Breaking Bad guy Giancarlo Esposito guest-stars in the first of this Thursday’s three final episodes, playing a business associate of Pierce’s pop. But that’s only the half of it — Giancarlo is also Pierce’s kin! “It turns out that Pierce had a brother, and they play a videogame to win the inheritance,” Joel McHale told us at NBC’s upfronts event. And mind you, it’s no “next gen” game they compete in, but some clunky Atari 2600-caliber fossil.



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