Jun 19,2012

Community will be doing a panel at Comic Con

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Some great news! There will be a Community panel at Comic Con this year. No panel details yet. Just an announcement!

That noise you hear is the sound of the Greendale Gang packing for San Diego. TVLine has learned exclusively that there will be a Community panel at Comic-Con after all.

Meanwhile, the mystery surrounding another in-limbo session — this one for Castle — has also been solved: The ABC hit will sadly be MIA at next month’s geekapalooza.

Regarding Community, there had been speculation that given all of the off-screen drama surrounding series creator Dan Harmon’s controversial departure that the show might sit out of the Con this year. But all that talk was apparently much ado about nothing. An official announcement is expected in the coming days, but rumor has it nearly the entire Greendale 7 will be in attendance.

Turning to Castle, there’s no official explanation regarding its Comic-Con disappearing act, but Castle scribe Terri Edda Miller tweeted late Monday that “the show was not invited,” adding, “[ABC has] new shows [to] put forward now.”

One possible bright spot for Castle fans: We hear leading man Nathan Fillion is slated to make an appearance at the convention, although the what/when/where of it all is still being worked out.



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